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Is Berkey a Scam? The Answer is a Little Complicated

Water filters are as common as televisions in the American home. People do not trust their water supply, and that is a fair argument. Chemicals are present in the water that range from the mostly harmless (nitrates) to the legitimately dangerous (pesticides and chlorine). Tap water is regulated, and it has to fit a few county restrictions that maintain quality. But, that does not mean it is pure. Furthermore, even the best water filters are not 100% effective in maintaining the highest quality water.

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The most popular style of water filtration is called reverse osmosis. It has a few problems that many water filter advocates may not be aware of. Firstly, the system that maintains bad chemicals from good chemicals (or in this sense, minerals) is not complete. In the process of removing bad chemicals, the filtration may actually remove vital minerals from the water. The water is placed through a high-stress filter that removes anything that does not fit the bill. It is reported that out of every gallon sifted through the system, two to three gallons are “sent back.”

Many may argue that water without minerals is acceptable because the minerals only add to the water quality. Unfortunately, they detract. The minerals help in absorption and processing. Without them, the water may actually cause harm. This is why even water filter advocates suggest mixing their water intake between bottled water and the home tap with a filter. These minerals are not just for adding to the water. They help flush the water through the system, so a lack of minerals makes the water worse. Remove Chlorine and Chloramine with a water filter, but also consider the valuable minerals which may also be removed.

Is Berkey a scam? The answer is clearly no, but it does bring up a fair question. The marketing team behind the Berkey products tend to promise a lot of results, but the results are definitely diluted. The system does work, but the problem is not the system. There is no Berkey Water Filter Scam. It is the reverse osmosis process that has a few inherent flaws. Reverse osmosis water filters do work. But, their convenience and cleaning comes at a few costs that are not ideal.

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